The Cheering zine was created by Claire Bizley and illustrated and designed by Lana Twyford and is dedicated to the celebration of human happiness.

It was generously funded by the Northern Territory Government with a Digital Adaption art grant as a response to Covid-19 in 2020.

How did it come to this? is a Zine of ongoing collaborations in our home region of the Asia-Pacific. This issue asked contributors to reflect on their current efforts and share, from their place in the world, where are we at? how did we get here? what are our hopes for the future and how are they being actioned through our response and toil and compassion?

Curated by Matt Cornell and supported by Darwin Community Arts with graphic design by Tarzan at Darwin Community Arts Untitled Gallery.

With special thanks to Anna Weekes and Bong Ramilo.

Who We Are (2018) – Free Space Exhibition Catalogues by Arts Access.

In The Studio (2014) – Free Space Exhibition Catalogues by Arts Access.

Of The Same (2021) – Free Space Exhibition Catalogues by Arts Access.

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