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Alyson Evans

Alyson Evans is a performer, theatre maker and community artist with a particular focus on cultural development and social change. Based in Darwin, Alyson has made theatre with remote Indigenous communities, young people, people with disabilities, adults within the justice system, and people from refugee backgrounds, as well as in Cambodia, Nepal and Europe. In 2015 Alyson received the Australia Council for the Arts Kirk Robson Award, which recognises outstanding leadership from artists working in the CACD sector. Having come to Australia to work with Darwin Community Arts 12 years ago, Alyson is really excited to join the board and give back to such a great organisation. 

Peta Khan


Peta is a digital producer passionate about developing new artistic and advocacy work in collaboration with artists and communities that challenges stereotypes and shifts perceptions. She is co-founder of social impact creative studio Maitree House, and in recent years her personal work has centred on the application of immersive technologies (VR, AR, MR) in cultural heritage and community arts in the Asia Pacific region.

Sean Pardy
Honorary Treasurer

Sean is a theatre maker and arts administrator with over 25 years’ experience in the sector across a variety of roles. Sean’s practice is driven by a desire to see more artists in the world. He is passionate about nurturing creative communities and developing opportunities for independent artists. He approaches his work with calmness, compassion and humour.

Dick Whittington
Public Officer

Technology professional.
Dick has worked on DCA’s digital arts program for over 10 years.

Anna Weekes
Ex-officio Board Member as DCA’s Executive Officer

Anna Weekes has a Community Arts and Cultural Development background, working both in Australia and internationally on community-directed arts projects for social justice. Anna has previously worked in Cambodia for 18 months with a local art and social wellbeing NGO, and in Vanuatu working with a group of women to nurture and support their ideas on women’s community development projects.
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Tarzan JungleQueen (McDonald)
DCA staff representative

Tarzan has been a part of the DCA family for over 8 years, their current roles are Marketing & Promotions Darwin Community ArtsVenue Manager UNTiTLED gallery+studioCreative Producer UNTiTLED gallery+studio.

A multi-disciplinary, queer artist, Tarzan uses graphic design, photography, collage, screen print and film as their main mediums. Their work has been exhibited locally, interstate, and internationally (Jogjakarta and France), and their practice has been featured in various publications. 

Tarzan runs their own Graphic Design and Screen Print business Tarzan Design Jungles. They are currently also employed by Artback as the Traveling Artist in residence – running screenprint workshops in remote communities around the Northern Territory.

Jens Cheung

By distilling bios (life) and -graphia (writing) from ‘biography’, Jens is privileged to write about life in the sixth mass extinction. Jens is a settler migrant residing in Gulumirrgin, who listens to cheap Anthropocentric stories as a bedtime ritual. Jens lurks in STEM-ified bubbles of medical technocracy to pay bills, but might convert to green capitalism for the next rentier season. Jens has too many unfinished hysterical projects: Kungarakany kenbi, DIY tribunal, kujukuju coin, environmental history of quantum computing, a stacking garden, the list goes on. Jens’ current love language is blue scale jazz blending Tiwi flirty lexicon. 

Rebecca Hell
Member and Inclusion Advisor

Rebecca is one of the inclusion advisors for Inclusion Australia Northern Territory (IANT) she works with people, families and advocacy organisations in the NT to make sure they are effectively represented in Inclusion Australia’s national advocacy.

Rebecca also performs regularly with the cemeNTstars theatre project at Darwin Community Arts and as a deaf signing performer at various events.

Sandar Tun

Aly De Groot

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